Bluestand Time


Title : Bluestand Time | Rating: G | Genre: Forever Fluff | Casts: SHINee Minho & f(x) Sulli ; EXO Baekyun & IU ; SJ Siwon & T-ara Jiyeon

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Welcome to the Bluestand.

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[Freelance] You’re My Melody

Author             : F_lygee
Main Cast        : Soyeon T-ARA, Gikwang BEAST, Wooyoung 2PM
Support Cast   : IU, Nicole KARA, Jinwoon 2AM
Genre             : Romance
Length            : One-Shot
Rated             : PG-13
Author’s Note : My first. Give me your comment, please~ kamsahamnida!! (^O^)/

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