— 5 Wishes in 27 Days [L-INFINITE, Hyosung-Secret] (by ochie_kim) 300713

— Beauty and a beat [Sehun-EXO K] (by im young) 200813

— Because I’m Yours [Eunhyuk, Henry-Super Junior] (by Ashley) 230713

BEFORE THE DAWN [Special L’s Birthday FF] ( L-INFINITE)  by lovey23chelski 130313

— Before The Dawn [Kyuhyun, Siwon-Super Junior] (by Naya Cho) 240713

— Bittersweet Struggle [Kyuhyun-Super Junior] (by kyvglare) 0703213

— Can’t Live Without You [Yoona-SNSD, Luhan-EXO M] (by vii) 310713

— Coffee and Milk [L-Infinite, Krystal-f(x)] (by Eunra11) 270713

— Come In Out Of The Rain [Kyuhyun-Super Junior] (by Sheilaa) 050213

Comic Girl [Kiseop~U-Kiss, Hyeyeon-Nine Muses] (by icot) 030913

— Consolation [Kai-EXO K, Suzy-Miss A] (by ellenmchle) 310513

Count The Time [Yesung-Super Junior] (by Ellyn) 030913

— Cupid’s Mistake [Kyuhyun-Super Junior] (by Myuniqueface) 310713

— Don’t Love Me Again [Krystal-f(x), Daehyun-B.A.P] (by icot) 100913

— Don’t Stop [Kai-EXO K] (by ACE RYE] 110913

— Evil Sajangnim [Kyuhyun-Super Junior] (by Nastiti Widoretno) 130713

— Eclipse [L-Infinite, Kyrstal-f(x)] (by Hanseora) 230713

— Forget [Wooyoung-2PM, IU] (by Laura Beth) 160213

— Forgive Me (by ainayanf) 280713

— Goodnight , I love you [Sungyeol-Infinite, Suzy-Miss A] (by icot) 040913

— Hurt, It is Love (by hanhyunji) 290513

— Hyung! I’m so sorry [Daehyun-B.A.P, Yonghwa-CN Blue,  seohyun-SNSD] (by im young rin) 200713

— I’m (Really) Tired [Kang Minhyuk-CNBLUE, Krystal Jung-f(x)] (by Tiarawr) 070213

— I’m Sorry, I Still Love You [Onew-SHINee] (by Cheverly Jin) 230413

— I’m Sorry, I Still Love You Sequel [Onew-SHINee] (by Cheverly Jin) 250413

— Insomnia [Heechul-Super Junior, Tiffany-SNSD] (by Eleanor) 030413

Ireojima Jebal [Please Don’t] (Kris-EXO M, Lee Junho-2PM, Sunhwa-Secret) by lovey23chelski 050313

— Kyungsoo’s Diary [Kai, D.O-EXO K] (by shinjaejae) 170713

— Last Summer [L-INFINITE] (by Kiddoyeoja) 250513

— Like An Idiot [Kyuhun, Leeteuk-Super Junior] (31.01.13)

— Let me love my robot [Seohyun-SNSD,  minho-SHINee] (by im young rin) 160713

— Look at me My Dandelion [Kyuhyun-Super Junior] (by Astrx Liem) 220513

— Loving My Sunbae [Luhan-EXO M] (by fnacri) 230513

— Love Conseulor [Changmin-DBSK, Kyuhyun-Super Junior] (by pssiskarani) 090213

— Lovely Chef [Donghae-Super Junior] ( byNastiti Widoretno) 140713

— Man In Love (INFINITE) [by lovey23chelski] 200313

— Miss You [Chen-EXO M] (by turtleebeybi) 210713

— My First Love (Kim Soora Side) [Kyuhyun-Super Junior] (by Monfish86) 120213

— My First Love : If I Have One More Change (Kyuhyun Side) [by Monfish86] 160213

— My Love Invisible For You [Kyuhyun-Super Junior] (by hanhyunji) 170713

— MYSTERY [Doojun-BEAST, Go Ahra] (by lovey23chelski) 190213

— NAM STAR [Woohyun-Infinite, Dasom-SISTAR] (by lovey23chelski) 100213

— New Challenge [Special Hoya’s Birthday] (INFINITE) by lovey23chelski 280313

— [New Teacher] Bloody Mary [Kyuhyun-Super Junior] by chochangevilkyu 040713

— [New Teacher] Deep [Xi Luhan-EXO M] by Annabel Lee 020713

— [New Teacher] Hoping [Kris-EXO M] by Kang Haneul 020713

— [New Teacher] Miss You [Park Tae Jun] by Choi Rae Byung 040713

— [New Teacher] Miss You is Annoying [Suzy-Miss A, Sehun-EXO K] by Chenhye 040713

— [New Teacher] (Nothing’s) Easy [Kris-EXO M] by Rizka_RiChan 030713

— [New Teacher] On Rainy Days [Lee Jonghyun-CN Blue, Lee Sungmin-Super Junior] by Yuan Fei 020713

— [New Teacher] Reflection [Kai-EXO K] by Genie 030713

— [New Teacher] The Last Smile [Lee Hyunwoo] by Laura Beth 030713

— [New Teacher] Unseen Feeling [Sehun-EXO K, Luhan-EXO M] by Yolanda JAE 030713

— Ning Stasiun Balapan [Cho Kyuhyun-Super Junior] (by antarirts) 280113

— One Day in Korea [Donghae-Super Junior] (by Park Jinhee) 280713

— Oppa… [Jonghyun-SHINee] (by angangels) 060813

— Our First Meeting [Kris-EXO M] (by Eunra11) 100213

— Our Future [Jaejoong-JYJ] (by Ashley Valeria) 260313

— Pertemuan Pertama [Kyuhyun-Super Junior] (by myuniqueface) 040213

— Please, Remember Me [Changmin-TVXQ, Joo Hyun-SNSD] (by Eleanor) 030413

— Promise You [Kyuhyun-Super Junior] (by Novia Safrina Lubis) 310113

— Rain of Blessing [Jung Yong Hwa-CNBLUE, Park Shin Hye] (by Han Seo Ra) 240313

— Really [Song Joong Ki] (by Keya-sshi) 220413

— Regret [Donghae-Super Junior] (by kirha1909) 170213

— Right Time [Luhan-EXO M] [by Nidart] 270713

— Saranghae, Gumawo, Mianhae [Krystal, Sulli-f(x) , Choi Minho-SHINee] (by mellarssnt) 220413

— Severely [Jungmo-Trax, J-MIN] (by Hikari Kim) 230213

— She is Mine [Sooyoung-SNSD, Siwon, Kyuhyun-Super Junior] (by BoraYoung) 090213

Song Joohee [Alice Song-Hello Venus] (by Baby) 050813

— Still Loving You [Kyuhyun-Super Junior] (by fnacri) 230213

— Stupid Game Named Love [Kyuhyun-Super Junior] (by Naya) 160713

That Should Be Me [Luhan-EXO M] (by Rahmawati) 300713

— The Beginning [Jinyoung-B1A4] (by Cruxiana) 110913

— The Epistle [Luhan-EXO M] (by Xian) 140213

— The Last Choice [Luhan, Kris-EXO M] (by Shin Jae Jae) 100213

— The Scar [Kyuhyun-Super Junior] (by Sung Soo Byung) 230413

— The Waiting Time [Heechul-Super Junior] (by Lylee Kim) 040413

— This Is My Work [Kim Jaejoong-JYJ] (by Ashley Valeria) 200713

— Under The Rain [Sehun, Chanyeol-EXO K] (by Kiddoyeoja) 040913

— Vanilla Pudding [Gongchan-B1A4] (by Jennixora) 140213

— When You Go [Sandara Park-2NE1, G Dragon-Bigbang] (by howppa) 240713

— What is Love [D.O-EXO] (by Arantia Leanden) 060813

— Why? [Sehun, Luhan-EXO] (by Kim Eunra) 050813

— Yeobeseyo [Baekho-Nuest, Nana- After Schoo] (im young) 200813

— You Don’t Know That I Love You Too [Jessica-SNSD , Key-SHINee] (by im young rin) 050213

— Your Smile [ Tiffany-SNSD] (by Laura Beth) 120213

— You’re My Melody [Soyeon~T-ARA, Gikwang-BEAST, Wooyoung-2PM] (by F_lygee) 310113

—  괜찮아 (Gwaenchana) [Park Yoochun-JYJ, Yoon Eunhye] (by melurmutia) 110213

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