29 Cupcakes

29 cupcakes

29 Cupcakes


by amymoet〡Genre: Romance; Fluff〡Length: One shot〡Rated : PG 17〡Cast:Super Junior’s Eunhyuk [Lee Hyukjae] and Lee Byul [OC]

우리 멸치 The Series

link lengkap 우리 멸치 The Series ada di sini 

dipublish juga di my short stories

Spesial Uri Myeolchi birthday…. Happy b’day my lovely Myeolchi. Dibikin singkat saat hujan lebat dan mati listrik ><~~ Happy reading.


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[Freelance] Rain Sound


Sriptwriter       : Nadhifa Jung

Main Casts      :

–         Lee Jae Mi

–         Wu Yi Fan

Cameo             : Please look for by yourself

Genre              : Drama, friendship, comedy

Length             : One-shot

Rated              : T

Disclaimer       : Annyeong! I’ve been writing this fanfiction when listened ‘Rain Sound’ by BAP. Even if this story isn’t well, please don’t re-upload without permit. Read-comment-like as a must. Thanks ^^

– posted & last edited by Ai Lee 150114 –

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오늘은 (Today)


©Ai Lee’s Storyline, 2013

Casts: Jung Byung Hee (MBLAQ G.O), You

Genre: Fluff, AU

Length: Drabble (262 words)

Rating: General

Special for G.O’s birthday and G.O’s solo comeback

Ini bisa dibilang sequel dari 돌아올 것인가? (Will You Come Back?) sama 내 꿈에서라도 (Even In My Dream). Gak bisa dibilang sequel juga sih, karena ini jalan ceritanya gak jelas *head desk* Happy reading~!



Unpredictable Morning


Unpredictable Morning

Author: Chenhye

Cast: Byun Baekhyun and a girl

Genre: Romance, Married Life, Fluff

Rating: PG-15

Length: Ficlet

already posted on Sides Of Chenhye

Plot is mine. The casts belong to God, expect OC. Don’t plagiarism. Don’t read if you dislike.Last, please give ur comment. Don’t be a silent reader! Thank you and happy reading! ^^~ 

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Good Bye My Love

goodbye my love cover

Good Bye My Love

By ansicangel ft. Aeri_Tamie

Romance, Sad | General | SongFict

Cast :

Oh Sehun (EXO-K), Lee Heekyung (OC)

A/N: Annyeong readers!! Well, saya bawa FF lama bareng dongsaeng saya Aeri_Tamie. Setelah melakukan pengeditan di sana-sini, jadilah FF seperti ini. Mianhae kalo flat haha kami memang sengaja membuatnya seperti ini ^^v.

Terinspirasi dari lagu lawas almarhum Chrisye yang di daur ulang ma D’Masiv ‘Pergilah Kasih’ Untuk saran baca FF ini sambil dengerin lagunya XD

Happy reading and no silent reader! Dont do copycat! ^^

No Lazy Students!

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